WIP 8 of WTF

Size of the Smell

And here is my card with the painting done, the next step will be to stain it.  The stain will drop into the tooled areas which will make them stand out out and it will make the metallic paint a bit less shiny so it will look a lot better after that step.  I’m hoping to do the staining tonight so I may be able to get a picture of it tomorrow.

And here it is wth the stain applied.  I may still do some touch ups on the paint before I apply the finish, but this is pretty close to how the completed piece will look.

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8 thoughts on “WIP 8 of WTF”

  1. Also, does anyone have any ideas on how to reproduce this so it can be used in the deck? I can definitely get a picture of it, I might be able to scan it, but I’m afraid that won’t work well with the metallic paint.

  2. This is looking so good feketenoemi!! I don’t have access to a scanner either, I was going to get my wife (who is a MUCH better photographer than me) to photograph mine and I can do some touching up. Sorry, not much help, I’m sure someone else may be able to advise you better.

  3. Looks great. You can either photograph it or make a few hundred (or more) leather cards so you can include one in each deck. Hmmmm?

    By the way – It is fabulous.

  4. I have access to excellent scanners and the latest Creative Suite, thanks to my day job. You can also mail it to me if you can’t get a satisfactory image.

  5. Thank you all! I’m really happy with how it’s turned out, at the beginning of the project I wasn’t even sure what direction to go with it.

    PBCGE I may have to take you up on that depending on what I can work out here. I need to get it sealed and then I can see what kind of image I can get, I’m hoping that the stars will align and I can get it to work. . .

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