Regretsy™ Tarot Companion Book

The Regresty™ Tarot eBook containing “interpretations” for all 79 cards in the deck  is available NOW as a FREE PDF download.  (you will need Adobe Reader to view)

Download The electronic version of the Regretsy™ Tarot Book (Note: you must be a registered user of this site ( to download the PDF file)

Right-click this link to download: [download id=”1″]


12 thoughts on “Regretsy™ Tarot Companion Book”

  1. Oops.

    Well if you right click to download (save link), then you get a .php file.
    If you left-click it, you get a pdf.

    Just in case you fail at life like myself.

    Now to squirrel it away on my computer so the cards are still a surprise when they come (unless customs declares Towel Mike to be pornographic and keeps my deck for themselves).

  2. I’m only on page 11, and it is already evident that this is really very nicely done. Eagerly and patiently awaiting the deck of cards. Thanks for the whimsicle artwork and the many laughs yet to come.

    1. Left-click and the PDF opens in your browser and you can save it that way. It’s a wordpress plugin and I’m no expert at this stuff…

    2. OK… I just tried it both ways… I’m using a Firefox browser. Right click. Select “Save As…” and you should get a pop up with a save as dialog box. Click OK and the file should download.

      You have to be logged in to the site for it to work.

  3. Hey there-

    I am not sure who to contact but I got my tarot deck and I am assuming it got wet during shipping and the cards were stuck together- ruining a lot of the art. I am a sad panda. Is there any way to get a replacement? Or lead me to the correct person to contact regarding this issue?

    Thanks so much!

  4. I am logged in, but I never get the popup to download it – it just reopens this page. Any ideas?

    1. f you left-click like an ordinary link, the PDF should open in your browser and you can save that way?

      Right clicking should get the browser context menu and then select Save As..

      That’s how it’s working for me. What browser version and OS are you using?

  5. I’m so sorry to trouble you but I am totally unable to download book. I get no pop up or PDF anything. I’m logged in. I just can’t figure it out. Can you help me?


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