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Turkey Skants/Hanged Man – Final (I think)

Let me know if you think it needs anything else done to it. I have one more to do and I’m finished. Yay!

Rapture/Judgement final!!

I tried doing all pastel-y watercolours for this but me and pastel shades just don’t work together… So I’ve gone for a whole rainbow of colours! As I said on the WIP she is loosely based on Martha Stewart welcoming the cupcakes to heaven, but that little glint in her eye? Yep, she’s gonna eat them all up. And I don’t even want to know what she’s going to do to that poor unicorn.

Skull Fascinator/Death Final

and the final one done properly with completed reins!

Ta DA!!

edited out the pre final work as wasn’t really necessary

WIP: 9 of wands, the magician


Getting there, getting there…just…have…to… colour it…in….


So, this card is meant to be in the style of pychedelic rock posters from the 60s. I still want to add some extra detail into the borders, but you get the gist. The colour sets above are taken directly from several original posters. But I’m having trouble choosing which way to go! Any thoughts?

Peck of the Day/The Star Work In Progress

This is my working sketch of  The Peck of the Day/The Star card.  I have the lovely Etsy hen, making her cup of Earl Grey tea and  holding a mustache on a stick under her wing.  Wisps of strange smoke curl up from the tea and swirl around the room, which is floored with barn wood of course.  What is in the smoke that affects the Etsy hen and influences her decisions.  Or doe she literally only peck at the pieces of dried corn on the floor and hit random keys with her beak?  Broken keys from an Etsy Admin’s keyboard litter the floor as well, and what do they spell? CF4L, of course.  Let me know what you think and give feedback before I get too far into this, please guys.  I welcome all input.  Thanks,Penny.

The Lovers WIP

Almost done!

Uploaded with

Major XVI – help me decide

A couple of decisions:

First, do you like A (no writing on the image) or B (with writing) better?

Second: what do you think of this font for the card text? (it’s P22 Escher Hand, which I bought a long time ago, and have rights to use.)

A - no text on the image



Skull Fascinator/Death WIP

So, the euro hamster shawl needs a bit of tweaking, as does other bits need cleaning up – this is just the colour sketch though, I’m working on smaller versions before doing the larger final versions.

I’ve tried to incorporate as many dead things without taking away the desolate feel. Anyway, here it is (please excuse fuzzy photo)…